Wednesday, June 19, 2019
A typical alley of a cypriot village found on the mountains. This an alley from Kalopanayiotis. Hope is found on the streets

The complexity of hope

Political systems may play a larger role than most voters are aware of, in the pursuit of political change.
Britain upturns Europe. It has never lost control, but "take back control" was a rallying cry for Brexit.

The Court of Justice of the European Union on Article 50

The most enduring Brexit myth is that of "take back control". The recent CJEU ruling demonstrates that control had never been lost.
The baroque library of the Strahov Monastery, located in Prague, Czech republic. Jordan Peterson article

Jordan Peterson’s Coalition

Jordan Peterson is a polarising figure of our times. Yet, who is this Jordan Peterson? Who are his followers? Where did he come from?
A traditional regional dish from cyprus. Pork kebab is grilled on charcoals and then served in Pitta bread with salad. - in the mediterranean region

Union of Unions? Regional Integration in Europe

Perhaps it would be better to have mini-unions, where regions with economic and cultural similarity can forge ahead.
The bridges of Prague during the blue hour. European country land area (size) article.

The Size of European states

A list of the European states, ordered by land area. Remember, France is the same size as Texas. And Great Britain a tenth the size of Kazakhstan.
the quarry at Amiantos, Cuprus. Famous for producing asbestos. Since then part of the quarry has been reforested. MAC Report United Kingdom

My Nephew Giorgio Prefers to be Called George

High-skilled migrants have had different fortunes and reception in Britain, compared to low-skilled ones. And the European brain drain continues.
The interior of the King's College Chapel in King's College Cambridge. The organ is shown along with the huge vaults. MAC report

An Introduction to Great Britain’s MAC report (Part 2)

The MAC report delves into the impact migrants have had to the economy of the United Kingdom, and the effect of Brexit on European citizens.
A pier located in the Limni area in Cyprus during the blue hour - MAC Report

An Introduction to Great Britain’s MAC report

The MAC report examines European migration and its effect on the United Kingdom. It then proceeds to make some post-Brexit recommendations.
Population of European states. Couple sitting on a bench, watching a bay

The Population of European states

A ranking of European states by population, with some commentary and comparisons. There are no large European countries.
King's College, Cambridge. Soon to be outside Europe post-Brexit.

Brexit – a post-trigger year

The tribulations of the post-Brexit year. Including an overview of the previous European referendum - in the 1970s.
Selwyn College in full bloom. Joschka Fischer interview

“It’s over” – Interview with Joschka Fischer

An interview with the former Foreign Minister of Germany, Joschka Fischer, covering Brexit, Macron and the future of the Left.
Boats on a lake - odyssey of the refugees

An Odyssey to forgo

Europe still faces a significant problem with regard to refugee flows from the Middle East. Member-states need to decide how to co-operate.
The grand interior of Vitus cathedral in Czech Republic. Austria-Hungary played the Great Game badly.

The Great Game Returns

Threats behind every door. Yet Europe may be using the wrong framework to assess them. The pre-WWI period may offer a useful analogy.
The interior of the King's College Chapel in King's College Cambridge. The intricate details of the ceiling are visible along with some of the painted glass

Interview with Mr George Pippas, Mayor of Cambridge: Part 2

The second part of La Nouvelle Union's interview with Mr George Pippas, Mayor of Cambridge.
Salt Lake in Cyprus, Laranca during sunset. It is one of the two salt lakes of Cyprus. No plastics wash into it.

Does the UK public have misconceptions about where plastic waste comes...

Plastics in the ocean are an emotive issue, with the release of Attenborough's documentary. The numbers reveal surprising truths.
Mr George Pippas, Mayor of Cambridge

Interview with Mr George Pippas, Mayor of Cambridge: Part 1

Our Editor-in-Chief, Nicolas Mavreas, interviewed the Mayor of Cambridge, Mr George Pippas, at Cambridge Guildhall on Wednesday, 7th March 2018. The following is a...
Interior of a house with a classical decoration. - in a formerly Latin speaking part of Europe

Latin education and European identity

Latin has played a different role in public education - it has often been used to build up national identity.
A Dead Tree During Blue Hour at a nature trail in Machairas, Cyprus - article on American Healthcare

Ich bin ein Berliner? America’s Attempt to Reform Healthcare

Americans had a long-standing fascination with the German healthcare system. However, successive Presidents failed to reform American healthcare.
A cave found next to a hiking trail in the Tatra mountains in Poland - empathy

The Case Against Empathy

A post-Florida shooting reflection on the role of empathy in public life.
A chameleon hiding in the leaves of a plant and looking suspicious in Cyprus - universal basic income

Universal Basic Income: Healthy Future or Further Punishment?

Care must be taken with UBI, as the possible negative side effects of its political implementation can be extensive. However, it also offers possibility.
American Federalism - path by lake

Exploring Federal Models: American Federalism from the 20th Century Onwards

The shifting balance between national, state and local government.
The baroque library of the Strahov Monastery, located in Prague, Czech republic. Far from the Andes

The Andes and the Future of Europe

Cooperation can come in many forms. Christos Nicolaou talks about what we can learn from the Andes.
The rooftops of prague as seen from the top of St. Vitus Cathedral, in Czechia, European Union

Who does the future belong to?

Turbulent tides await our Union. Will we be able to take the necessary steps for a prosperous future?