About La Nouvelle Union

What does La Nouvelle Union stand for?

Europe is in danger.

We are divided amongst ourselves, with the population unable to visualise
the benefits that cooperation grants us. Meanwhile, titanic forces are trying
to gain influence on our continent, to use us for their ends.

I started this periodical in early 2018. I had been living
in the United Kingdom for four years at that point. I had been present for the
tempest of Brexit and of recurrent elections, of Jeremy Corbyn and Boris

The tone in the United Kingdom is hostile. A large part of the populace
views Europe with disdain. We have tried, by creating the European Union, to
seize control of our destiny. Yet, a proportion that is not insignificant,
would be happy if it was destroyed.

Across Europe, there are those who would seek to undermine us, for whichever purpose. However, the challenges of the future will be great. Climate change is already here, migration flows are only set to increase, and in the race for new technologies, we are, at this very moment, lacking. Meanwhile, changing markets and demographics have led to economic stagnation and precariousness. Our population is aging; we must look after them.

Some institutions that would underpin a safe, strong Europe have already been
created. A Europe that would be able to protect its citizens from harm is being built.
However, we have abandoned popular opinion to those who seek to undermine us.

A publication that looks at the European interest and not the national one,
that tries to escape the conventional wisdom and to underline that the world
has changed, is needed.

The name La Nouvelle Union was chosen (The New Union) as we need to reinvent ourselves. We cannot do so only through the lens of the English-speaking world.

We need Europe to hold our own against the giants.

After all, we are Europe.

Nicolas Mavreas

Nicolas Mavreas
Nicolas Mavreas