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Nicolas Mavreas was born on what later became Europe’s eastern frontier, on the island of Cyprus. He lived through Europe’s enlargement and the turmoil of the early 2010’s. After completing his two-year compulsory national service, he went to the University of Cambridge to study. He observed the Brexit debate and result. Being a European in another member-state sharpened his awareness of the European “we” and spurred on a search to understand the European interest.
A bird in autumn

Letter to the Anglosphere: Why those who hope for change in...

Another election and hope is kindled. But those who hope do so without cause.
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The Death of Hope?

How many are still alive from the generations that lived through the Cyprus conflict?

The Brecon and Radnorshire election’s message is to stay the course

The remorseless logic of first-past-the-post was against the Conservatives this time. There are two ways to interpret the result.
Cambridge college window

Han Solos living in a C3PO world

We should take decisions knowing the consequences.
Clare College, Cambridge

Euromyths are not for repeating, according to research

The World Health Organisation has some advice on how to fight misinformation. This article applies it to fighting against a Euromyth.
Bird stares with purpose, against blue sky

Greece’s electoral system amplifies swings

The recent victory of the Greek New Democratic Party, led by Mr Kyriakos Mitsotakis (Κυριάκος Μιτσοτάκης, Quiriácos Mitsotáquis) has been hailed as...
Pier on Lake. Our Hopes rest on France article

Our Hopes Rest on France

Given Germany's unwillingness to step up and lead Europe, we must hope for France to provide leadership in these turbulent times.
A traditional chimney and roof of an English house. Soon to be outside the EU post-Brexit

In Search of Lost Time

The timeline of the Brexit saga.
A long exposure of an electricity plant in cyprus, Dekelia. ETFs enable ownership of many stocks at once.

The Great European ETF Mismatch

Increasing ETF share of the market leads to increased foreign ownership of European companies.
The King's college in cambridge during the snow of february 2018. May look like winter in England but it is Europe that is about to freeze.

In the last 300 years has anyone bet against England and...

The long-term risks fall on our Union, not on the United Kingdom. And we are not prepared to counter English soft power.
A typical alley of a cypriot village found on the mountains. This an alley from Kalopanayiotis. Hope is found on the streets

The complexity of hope

Political systems may play a larger role than most voters are aware of, in the pursuit of political change.
The bridges of Prague during the blue hour. European country land area (size) article.

The Size of European states

A list of the European states, ordered by land area. Remember, France is the same size as Texas. And Great Britain a tenth the size of Kazakhstan.
Population of European states. Couple sitting on a bench, watching a bay

The Population of European states

A ranking of European states by population, with some commentary and comparisons. There are no large European countries.
The grand interior of Vitus cathedral in Czech Republic. Austria-Hungary played the Great Game badly.

The Great Game Returns

Threats behind every door. Yet Europe may be using the wrong framework to assess them. The pre-WWI period may offer a useful analogy.
The interior of the King's College Chapel in King's College Cambridge. The intricate details of the ceiling are visible along with some of the painted glass

Interview with Mr George Pippas, Mayor of Cambridge: Part 2

The second part of La Nouvelle Union's interview with Mr George Pippas, Mayor of Cambridge.
Mr George Pippas, Mayor of Cambridge

Interview with Mr George Pippas, Mayor of Cambridge: Part 1

Our Editor-in-Chief, Nicolas Mavreas, interviewed the Mayor of Cambridge, Mr George Pippas, at Cambridge Guildhall on Wednesday, 7th March 2018. The following is a...
The rooftops of prague as seen from the top of St. Vitus Cathedral, in Czechia, European Union

Who does the future belong to?

Turbulent tides await our Union. Will we be able to take the necessary steps for a prosperous future?