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the quarry at Amiantos, Cuprus. Famous for producing asbestos. Since then part of the quarry has been reforested. MAC Report United Kingdom

My Nephew Giorgio Prefers to be Called George

High-skilled migrants have had different fortunes and reception in Britain, compared to low-skilled ones. And the European brain drain continues.
The interior of the King's College Chapel in King's College Cambridge. The organ is shown along with the huge vaults. MAC report

An Introduction to Great Britain’s MAC report (Part 2)

The MAC report delves into the impact migrants have had to the economy of the United Kingdom, and the effect of Brexit on European citizens.
A pier located in the Limni area in Cyprus during the blue hour - MAC Report

An Introduction to Great Britain’s MAC report

The MAC report examines European migration and its effect on the United Kingdom. It then proceeds to make some post-Brexit recommendations.