Our Team

Nicolas Mavreas


Nicolas Mavreas is a graduate student at the University of Cambridge, Selwyn College. He grew up and studied in Cyprus, and then came to Great Britain for his university studies. He is interested in Europe and the European Union. He believes that the future poses many challenges to Europeans, and without developing capacities to influence the world and protect ourselves at the European level, we will not be prepared to meet those challenges.

Luca Rutigliani


Luca is a first year medical student at the University of Cambridge who likes playing tennis and tries to travel every chance he gets, whether it’s close to home (which is Italy) or it’s on the other side of the world. Medicine is his ultimate passion but he enjoys discussing current events and talking about what is happening in the world. He also loves a good book!


Panos Panayiotopoulos


Panos Panayiotopoulos is a graduate student at the University of York, currently studying to complete his MA International Relations degree. He has already completed a BA in Geography and the Graduate Diploma in Law. His interests are centred around pragmatic approaches in current news, especially about issues surrounding human rights, representative democracy and its “failure”, the rising populist rhetoric in Europe and the implications of technology in the political sphere.

Christos Nicolaou


Christos Nicolaou is a 21-year-old student from the small island of Cyprus and an Archaeology Student at Cambridge University. He quite likes playing the drums, as well as all sorts of nerdy pursuits. He is the Co-editor of the World Section of the website, a fact that makes his Odyssean soul very happy. His main European interests are Governance and Anti-Austerity reforms.


Eugenia Muscolo


Eugenia Muscolo is Italo-American student currently in her second year at Sciences Po Paris, and studying wide world dilemmas and their impact on politics. When she is not studying, she is either experimenting with different cuisines or around museums breathing the impressionist air.


Miranda Imperial


Miranda Imperial is currently studying at the University of Cambridge and writing her undergraduate dissertation in Human, Social and Political Sciences. Miranda’s interests centre at the intersection of Social and Political Theory, Legal Theory and Gender Studies. She has participated as an undergraduate researcher at the South Asian Feminist Activist Archive (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and is writing an upcoming co-written chapter in an Oxford Handbook on Political Communication. Originally from Spain, Miranda is fascinated by European issues surrounding power inequalities, democratic disenfranchisement, social movements and core versus periphery relations within the Union.


Eleni Kroussaniotakis


Eleni Kroussaniotakis is completing her MSc in Criminology and Social Research Methods at Lancaster University. Originally from Greece and Cyprus, Eleni enjoys globetrotting, reading and painting. Aspiring to engage in an academic career, she is interested in deviance, social movements, subcultures and essentially anything out of the ordinary.


Simon Percelay


Simon is a final-year student at the University of Cambridge, reading Politics and Sociology. His interests cover the evolution of European political parties, European integration, French politics and the comparative politics of the Middle East. His specific research interests include the evolution of the European left, and especially the successes and failures of the post-communist radical left. Hailing from France, Simon is always happy to debate on the fate of the welfare state, French universalism and the neoliberal switch of social-democracy.


Clarissa Hjalmarsson


Sebastian Hosu



More bios coming soon!