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A traditional chimney and roof of an English house. Soon to be outside the EU post-Brexit

In Search of Lost Time

The timeline of the Brexit saga.
The King's college in cambridge during the snow of february 2018. May look like winter in England but it is Europe that is about to freeze.

In the last 300 years has anyone bet against England and...

The long-term risks fall on our Union, not on the United Kingdom. And we are not prepared to counter English soft power.
Britain upturns Europe. It has never lost control, but "take back control" was a rallying cry for Brexit.

The Court of Justice of the European Union on Article 50

The most enduring Brexit myth is that of "take back control". The recent CJEU ruling demonstrates that control had never been lost.
The interior of the King's College Chapel in King's College Cambridge. The organ is shown along with the huge vaults. MAC report

An Introduction to Great Britain’s MAC report (Part 2)

The MAC report delves into the impact migrants have had to the economy of the United Kingdom, and the effect of Brexit on European citizens.
King's College, Cambridge. Soon to be outside Europe post-Brexit.

Brexit – a post-trigger year

The tribulations of the post-Brexit year. Including an overview of the previous European referendum - in the 1970s.